For perfect sealing and secure joints in healthcare and other industries, we offer LOCTITE and HF Market industrial adhesives and sealants. Their entire product range is available to you, including cleaning and degreasing agents. You will also find special UV adhesives and adhesives for emergency repairs.

Adhesives LOCTITE a HF Market

Our company is one of few selling the industrial brands, LOCTITE and HF Market. If you need quality without compromise, then LOCTITE and HF Market will meet your highest demands.

Our exceptional production line produces everything from adhesives and sealants to cleaning and degreasing agents.

If you need these products, please search our warehouse, where you will find a wide selection of options to suit your needs.

LOCTITE adhesives are available on our e-shop
Adhesives LOCTITE a HF Market
  • Fastening

  • Threadlocking

  • Sealing of threads and pipe joints

  • Flat seals

  • Instant adhesives

  • Construction adhesives

  • Flexible bonding and sealing - Silicones

  • Metal based sealants

  • Medical adhesives

  • Activators and primers

  • Specialized adhesives and sealants

  • Adhesives for emergency repairs

  • UV adhesives

  • Vehicle repair adhesives

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