We offer different types and designs of couplings and links for various machine designs and applications in industry and elsewhere. Couplings and links are used primarily for coupling drive shafts and torque transmission.


Couplings are machine components that permanently or temporarily connect a driver to a driven shaft, thereby transmitting torque from the driver machine to the driven shaft. They are also used for protecting the driver machine from overloading.

Coupling parts are produced by casting (cast steel, gray cast iron) or drop forging. When designing the coupling, it is necessary to take into account the requirements for easy disassembly of the coupling, its minimum weight and to place the coupling as close as possible to the bearing (thus preventing shaft deflection).

For safety reasons, the rotating and protruding parts of the coupling must be covered.


The couplings perform the following functions:

  • dampen shocks and vibrations

  • compensate for the misalignment of shafts and allow their axial displacement

  • they connect long shafts which, in terms of production, assembly or use, cannot be produced in one piece

  • ensure smooth start-up of the equipment

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