For lubrication of machine parts we offer many different types of lubricants. They create a protective layer on the surface that prevents oxidation and moisture buildup. Lubricants also ensure that equipment runs at the necessary intervals and dissolve unwanted particles as well as dissipate excess heat.

Quality lubricants

A lubricant is usually an oily liquid that reduces friction between two, usually metallic, surfaces. In addition, however, the lubricant can also improve the operation of the entire mechanism, dissolve foreign particles and old lubricant deposits or dissipate excess heat.

After application, lubricants form a protective layer on the surface, which protects the material from moisture penetration and oxidation.

They are also a perfect choice if you need to reanimate old lock mechanisms, hinges or motors. In addition to liquid lubricants, you can also find plastic ones. The best known and most common variant of these is Vaseline.

Quality lubricants
  • SKF
  • Shell
  • Total
  • WD - 40
  • Slovnaft Mogul
  • Molykote
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